Trending: Burning Man Cancelled? Blackrock Flood of 2017.

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Burning Man Cancelled? Blackrock Flood of 2017.

2017 has given massive amounts of water to the Nevada and California area. The black Rock desert is home of the famous Burning Man festival as well as the former lake bed of Ancient Lake Lahontan. Water has returned to the ancient lake deeper than many of us have seen in the last 25 years or more. The lake could dry up of water but leave a dangerous saturation just below the surface. March is now bearing down upon us with warm and dry sky's the first of the month.... storms still threaten on the horizon and snow pack on the surrounding mountains will drain and sustain the wet playa slowing the process of evaporation. Maybe there is nothing to worry about or maybe not. I hope Burning Man can go on this year since it is a wonderful expression of art and the human experience.
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